Conversor Pro Multipack System - 2 Transmitters, 8 Receivers

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Conversor Pro Multipack System - 2 Transmitters, 8 Receivers


Whether in a classroom, lecture, or meeting room, hearing aid wearers face a real challenge understanding the speaker clearly amongst surrounding background noises. This is because hearing aids are unable to focus on a specific sound due to the way they pick up and amplify all of the other sounds present in the room.

Conversor Pro Multipack addresses the needs of multiple hearing aid wearers in classroom, lecture and meeting room settings, providing them front-row sound level and clarity up to 25 meters away from the speaker.

The Multipack includes a robust carrying case that can charge the receiver(s) and transmitter(s) included with the system, thus eliminating the need for additional charger units. Three Multipack configurations are available for different user levels.

Worn by the speaker on an adjustable neckloop, the FM microphone-transmitter features a unique patented technology that increases the available sound level and at the same time, reduces unwanted background and peripheral noise by up to 30dB, allowing hearing aid wearers to hear the speaker clearly. The desired sound is transmitted with enhanced clarity to the pendant receiver (worn around the listener's neck either above or beneath clothing), which sends to the signal to their hearing instrument.


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