Digital Sound Noise Level Meter

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Digital Sound Noise Level Meter


Features: Two equivalent weighted sound pressure levels, A and C Max locked function has the maximum value, after the stent-in-one unique, easy to use Auto power off function Low battery indicator Overload prompts Portable, easy to use and handy Instantaneous sound measure function Tripod mounting option Specifications: Sound Level: 40 ~ 130 dB with Level Selecting Button Switches Level 1: 40 ~ 70dB Level 2: 60 ~ 90dB Level 3: 80 ~ 110dB Level 4: 100 ~ 130dB Level 5: 40 ~ 130dB Accuracy: ±2dB (under reference condition) Measuring Level: 40~130dBA, 40~130dBC Frequency Range: 31.5 Hz ~ 8.5 kHz Linearity/Dynamic Range: 30dB Frequency Weighting: A and C features Digital LCD: 45 x 35mm with 4 digits, Resolution: 0.1dB, Display: 0.5 secretary Sampling Rate: 2 times/second Dynamic Characteristic (Time weighting): FAST (high speed) / SLOW (low speed) 1 bar graph represents 1dB in the Analog Bar Graph Bar Graph: 50dB scale at 1dB step for monitoring current sound pressure level display period of 50mS Level Ranges: 40 ~ 70dB, 60 ~ 90dB, 80 ~ 110dB, 100 ~ 130dB, 40 ~ 130dB Load indication: Use the symbol OVER (indicating over range) and UNDER (indicating less than lower limit of the range) AC output: 0.707 Vrms at FS output impedance approx. 600? Microphone: 1/2 inch electric condenser microphone Power Supply: 6F22 9V alkaline cells/battery or DC 9V 100mA Package Contents: Sound Level Meter, Sponge Ball Microphone Cover, (1) 9V Battery


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