Explorer Auto-Focus 22" LCD CCTV Widescreen

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Explorer Auto-Focus 22" LCD CCTV Widescreen


The Explorer Auto-Focus incorporates full color, light weight, one-piece flat panel technology to bring you an excellent quality CCTV. The monitor is mounted on an adjustable arm for easy, flexible positioning. The simple controls and one piece design make the Explorer LCD easy to set up and use. The auto focus color camera provides clear images and enhanced reversal and reading modes for better contrast. Select-A-Color for three high contrast color combinations and Line Marking offer even more customization for low vision individuals.


  • Simple, easy-to-use focus and zoom controls.
  • Wide range contrast control for ideal picture adjustment.
  • Magnification from 4x to 70x depending on monitor size.
  • Variable brightness control for individual contrast needs.
  • Separate camera/monitor design allows for inline or side-by-side viewing.
  • Optional: Select-A-Color, Line Marking/Windowing and PC compatibility.


Because the system automatically focuses the image for you, the Explorer Wide Screen is easier to use. It's an ideal option to help you:

  • Read newspapers, letters, and prescriptions
  • Write checks, bills, and correspondence
  • View photos, maps, craft projects

  • Explorer Auto-Focus 22" LCD CCTV Widescreen


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