Portable Language Translation System by Listen Technologies

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Portable Language Translation System by Listen Technologies


The Portable Language Translation System by Listen Technologies is a great way to get the custom system you need. Just select your charging option, number of users, and number of languages. Easy to use. All selections will be rechargeable an will include your selected number of Portable Transmitters with microphones, display receivers with ear speakers, batteries and a charging/carrying case. Remember that you can add any number of receivers to a single transmitter if you need to accommodate more guests. Use this system for language interpretation for your worship service or event to offer great communication across different languages. Great for houses of worship, tour companies, zoos, board rooms, museums, and more.

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  • Your selected number of LT-700 Portable RF Display Transmitters
  • One LA-278 Behind-the-Head Microphone for each Transmitter
  • Your selected number of LR-500 Portable Display RF Receiver
  • One LA-164 Ear Speaker for each Receiver
  • Portable RF Product Charging / Carrying Case(s)
  • High Capacity AA Rechargeable Batteries for each Transmitter and Receiver


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