VitaSound Custom-Fit Hearing Protector

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VitaSound Custom-Fit Hearing Protector


The VitaSound Hearing Protector is a custom-fit set of hearing protection ear plugs shaped to fit your unique ears.

With the patented SonoFitTM self-fitting system, do-it-yourself custom ear plugs are safely molded and ready to wear in 5 minutes.

Being custom-fit to each individual ear-print, the Hearing Protector creates a noise blocking acoustic seal that drastically cuts out hazardous noise, is comfortable for long periods of use and stays in place with active movements.

Set the Hearing Protector earplugs to meet your specific needs by choosing the Full-Block Orange Faceplates for maximum 25dB attenuation & sound proofing, or Partial Block Blue Faceplates for 16dB attenuation.

With the patented SonoFitTM fitting system, a silicone hypoallergenic earpiece membrane (a durable medical grade expandable bladder) is filled with medical grade silicone to form to the exact shape of the ear canal by way of a single use auto-fill dispenser. Filling is safe, filler never comes in contact with the ear, and the earpiece membrane is completely encapsulated as the noise-blocking acoustic earplug is created.

Excellent Ear Plugs for a variety of uses, including military or law enforcement, hunting, construction, and more!

Due to this product being Custom-Fit, this item can not be returned if opened and/or worn, and is not eligible for refund. Please refer to our Return Policy for complete details.

  • SonoFit system for creating a perfect custom-fit earmold, partial block 16dB attenuation and full block 25dB attenuation selectable faceplates, earpiece lanyard, earpiece lubricant, antiseptic cleansing wipe and a carrying case


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