Wander Alarm with Motion Detector

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Wander Alarm with Motion Detector


The Wander Alarm with Motion Detector can prevent a loved one or patient from wandering away. It can detect the movement of a person in a bed, chair, room or doorway.

A small receiver (remote monitoring device) can be mounted wherever convenient, and the chimes either sound or send a discreet signal up to 100 feet away.

Receiver ranges up to 100 feet depending on building construction. When set to chime the alarm will sound at the sensor. When set to remote, a signal will be sent to the pager/receiver up to 100 feet away.

Detector can be used on a bed, chair, hallway or door. An audible alert can be set on the motion detecting transmitter, or can be set to signal a chime or vibration on the wireless chime receiver.

Requires two 9 volt batteries (not included) - one for the sender, and one for the receiver


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