ADA Compliant Guest Room Kit Model ADA-900

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ADA Compliant Guest Room Kit Model ADA-900


ADA Compliance Guidelines

The Federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has recently changed the accessibility requirements for hotels and motels. The ADA requires that all hotels and motels provide guest rooms accessible to individuals with physical disabilities. The ADA has specific language and requirements for hearing impaired accessibility.

The new requirements also requires hotels and motels to disperse the Hearing Impaired accessible guest rooms among the various types of guest rooms offered based on type, number of beds and amenities. This means that hotels and motels are not allowed to make all mobility (wheelchair) accessible rooms Hearing Impaired accessible nor are they able to limit Hearing Impaired accessible rooms to one floor, queens, kings, smoking, and non-smoking. Hearing impaired accessible guest rooms must be DISPERSED among the various types of guest rooms offered.

This ADA kit offers an "all-in-one" visual notification system which meets ADA requirements for the hospitality industry without a TTY. This kit is for one room in a hotel, hospital or nursing home. Are you a small business with less than 30 full-time employees or gross receipts less than $1 million/year? Read more about eligibility and requirements for the Disabled Access Credit (DAC), a tax incentive to encourage small businesses to comply with the ADA.

Multifunction Alerting System with All-in-One Unit Functions: Telephone, Door knock, Alarm Clock, Sound Monitor (LHSCL-AL10K) Telephone Handset Amplifier (LHSAMER-HA40) Smoke Detector (LHSGEN-710LS) Assistive Listening Devices available sign (LHSADA-SIGN) Hard Carrying Case


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