Almost Golf P3 Limited Flight Practice Balls - 3 Pack

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Almost Golf P3 Limited Flight Practice Balls - 3 Pack


"Best product to impact the future of golf."- Golfweek Magazine

The Almost Golf Limited Flight Practice Ball travels approximately one-third the distance of a normal golf ball hit with a full swing making it ideal for neighborhoods and and backyard practice. The Almost Golf call's true-flight characteristics allow for shot assessment accuracy. The ball reacts like a normal ball at full swing and displays all shots taken at full range with any verity of clubs and drivers. The realistic trajectory combined with short flight distance make for a life-like practice even when the user can't make it to the course or range. Unlike wiffle ball golf balls, the feel of the Almost Golf balls in indistinguishable from real golf balls out on the course. The Almost Golf P3 2 Pack allows players to test two Almost Gold practice balls from the comfort of their own yard or neighborhood.

3 Almost Golf Limited Flight Practice Balls (White or Yellow Color)


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