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Amplicom TCL100 Analog alarm clock with wrls bed shaker

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Amplicom TCL100 Analog alarm clock with wrls bed shaker


The TCL 100 alarm clock from Amplicom provides sleepers with freedom from wires with the first amplified alarm clock to come with a wireless bed shaker. The shaker slips easily into a pillow case and has up to 80 hours of standby time. In addition to normal alarm clock time settings, the TCL 100 has a built-in telephone signaler so you can be notified of incoming phone calls as well. Wake to a loud 90dB audio alarm, vibration, or both. Two year warranty. Features:

  • Adjustable volume and tone controls
  • Wireless bed shaker with 300 feet range
  • Large easy-to-use controls
  • Easy-to-read illuminated analog clock face
  • Five different alarm patterns
  • Bright flashing LED light
  • Snooze button with delay (0, 5, or 15 minutes)
  • Battery backup


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