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Bellman Audio MINO Digital Sound & Conversation Amplifier

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Bellman Audio MINO Digital Sound & Conversation Amplifier


The Bellman & Symfon MINO Digital Amplifier is an all-digital personal amplifier that helps you hear better in most everyday situations. MINO delivers crystal clear sound, even in busy environments. Whether you wear a hearing aid or just have the occasional hearing difficulty that arises out of everyday life, the MINO helps you understand sounds and words and make listening a more enjoyable activity.

Experience the simplicity and unmatched versatility of MINO's Directional & Omnidirectional Microphone feature! 

This unique feature allows each user to easily alternate their MINO between:

  • Directional Microphone mode (amplifies sounds directly where MINO is facing), and
  • Omnidirectional Microphone mode (amplifies ambient noises around MINO)

The MINO uses digital signal processing which isolates speech while removing background noise and feedback. Using the MINO is intuitive. Just place it on a table or hang it around your neck and speech will come through loud and clear.

Choose from the following Bellman Audio Accessories included with your purchase:
  • 1 pair Bellman Audio Dual Earphones - (LHSHC-BAEARPHONE)
  • 1 pair Bellman Audio Headphones - (LHSHC-BAHEADPHONE)
  • 1 Bellman Audio T-Coil Enabled Neckloop - (LHSHC-BANKL)

NOTE: Due to manufacturer selling restrictions, we are unable to sell and ship this product outside of the United States without exception.  Shop Sound & Noise Amplifiers  |  Locate an authorized Bellman distributor in your area.

1 MINO Digital Amplifier Choose from:
1 pair of Stereo Earphones - (LHSHC-BAEARPHONE)
1 pair of Stereo Headphones - (LHSHC-BAHEADPHONE)
1 T-coil Enabled Neckloop (+$20.00) - (LHSHC-BANKL) Users Guide 2 year manufacturer warranty 90 day limited earphone manufacturer warranty


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