BoBo Balance Trainer Board - Core Trainer Balance Board 2.0

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BoBo Balance Trainer Board - Core Trainer Balance Board 2.0


Regain Your Balance and Reclaim Your Freedom

Maintain an effective daily balance practice! As you get older, balance starts to decline naturally. The only way to reverse the decline is by doing balance exercises on a daily basis.

BoBo is a dedicated home trainer giving you the fun yet essential balance practice.

Improving Your Balance Increases Your:

  • Body Strength
  • Motor Skills
  • Attention
  • Coordination
  • Posture
  • Confidence


Smart balance board with an embedded movement sensor

Inflatable wobble cushion (board can also be used with other balance equipment)

Compact and portable construction

One size fits all design, perfect for adults, kids and seniors.

The BoBo App

Seamless connection between balance board and the app

Live bio-feedback available immediately on mobile device

Advanced movement tracking and balance-pattern analytics

Wide range of dynamic training programs designed for beginners and advanced users

Custom workout programs available

Interactive game-design motivates every user

100% free, no monthly subscription, no charge for app updates


Premium wooden board (15" diameter)
Free iOS/Android App with built in exercises and games
Built in Bluetooth motion sensor
Anti-slip surface
Holds up to 450 lbs
Balance cushion (extra thick)
11 Built-in games
Predefined training programs
*Requires iOS 11 and up, or Android 5 and up.

*Mobile device not included, used for illustration purposes.

Wireless connectivity to your smartphone or tablet
Battery life is 400 hours of continuous use
LED & audio indicators
3-axis accelerometer sensors
Operating temperature: -5 ˚C to 45 ˚C (23 ˚F to 113 ˚F)
Battery type: 2032 Lithium Coin Battery 3V
Communication modules: Bluetooth low energy (BLE)


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