E-Scope Volume Control Stethoscope

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E-Scope Volume Control Stethoscope


The lightweight E-Scope has a slim design to easily go around the neck when not being used. Great for general medicine for heart, breath, bruit, bowel or Korotkoff sounds. Amplifies approximately 30 times louder than normal acoustic stethoscopes. One year warranty.


  • Slim-line design; lighter than an acoustic stethoscope
  • Fingertip control of volume and heart sound or breath sound filters are on the head of the stethoscope
  • Volume control on the head of the stethoscope for easy increase and decrease of sound levels
  • Filter control to hear heart and breath sounds clearly within their frequency range
  • Automatic shut off after two minutes; uses standard AAA battery
  • Automatic volume restart remembers the last volume setting
  • Includes extra of ear tips and selection of bells and diaphragms
  • E-Scope design reduces the amplification of unwanted outside room noise
  • Maximum amplitude or sound pressure level output is 120dB at 100Hz (about 30 times louder than an acoustic stethoscope)


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