Frio Insulin Cooling Case - Large Wallet

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Frio Insulin Cooling Case - Large Wallet


Unlike a traditional diabetic cooling kit, the Frio Insulin Cooling Case considers a diabetic patient’s convenience a top priority. The evaporative, reusable cooling case is activated by water, allowing diabetic patients to keep their insulin safe with convenience and efficiency. Simply immerse the case in water for around 45 hours to maintain its low temperature. The reusable cooler, which conveniently comes in six colors, will never require refrigeration or icepacks as long as it is immersed in water within a 28-day period. Moreover, the durable cooler has been proven to keep its contents safe with temperatures between 64-79 degrees Fahrenheit. The Frio is optimal for travel as it is TSA friendly, light, and compact and is especially ideal for emergency-preparedness. The Frio Insulin Cooling Case is an absolute necessity for diabetic patients looking to keep their insulin safe easily with added convenience. The Frio Insulin Cooling Case with dimensions of 140 mm x 180 mm can fit:4 insulin injection pens – either pre-filled disposable pens or refillable pens (not included).15 cartridges of volumes 3 mL or 1.5 mL (not included).6 vials of insulin and syringes of volume 10 mL (not included).


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