HamiltonBuhl 12 Station Bluetooth Wireless Listening Center, 12 W901-MULTI Headphones with 1 W900-BLTM Transmitter

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HamiltonBuhl 12 Station Bluetooth Wireless Listening Center, 12 W901-MULTI Headphones with 1 W900-BLTM Transmitter
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HamiltonBuhl 12-Person Bluetooth Wireless Listening Center Go wireless in your classroom with plug and play simplicity.Connect to the wireless transmitter via Bluetooth with your tablet, mobile device or any unit with Bluetooth capabilities. Audio is then transmitted to a nearly unlimited number of wireless headphones via a wireless FM signal. Perfect for all multimedia, lab and classroom applications, the system includes one wireless transmitter, twelve headphones and a lockable carrying case (lock not included). Easily switch between 4 different frequencies with color-coded switches. Add additional transmitters to have up to 4 different channels of audio simultaneously! This 12-Person Bluetooth Wireless Listening Center Includes:(1) Bluetooth Wireless Transmitter (W900-BLTM)(12) Wireless Multi-Channeled Headphones (W901-Multi)(2) AC Power Adapter (W980) for use with transmitter and headphone charging (NOTE: A single AC power adapter is only capable of charging 6 wireless headphones at one time. Do not combine two 6-way charging cables with one AC power adapter).(2) 6-way charging cables (W990) for wireless headphone charging(1) lockable carrying case (lock not included)Optional Accessories (not included): HygenX45- Disposable sanitary ear cushion covers (box of 50 pairs).Portable Automatic Headphone Sanitizer (HygenX4-MIN) - Patent pending sanitizer ˆ’ developed and built by HamiltonBuhl ˆ’ automatically and safely sanitizes headphones and other small electronic devices with UVC light irradiation.

Specifications for W900-BLTM: Bluetooth enabled wireless transmitterRange: ± 300 feet4 switchable FM frequencies72.500 MHz - Blue72.100 MHz - Yellow72.900 MHz - Green 74.700 MHz - Orange Dedicated FM channelsColor-coded frequency switchesAC power adapter for charging transmitterSuperb sound without cords or wires - no interference from other electronic equipment Listen with an infinite number of headphones on one frequency with one transmitterSpecifications for W901-MULTI Headphones:Multi-channel wireless headphonesNo antenna on headphonesUp to 35 hours of operating time between charges, with 12 to 14 hour charge timeTwo 6-way charging cablesAC power adapter for charging up to 6 headphones (NOTE: Do not charge all 12 headphones with one AC power adapter. Use transmitter AC power adapter to charge additional 6 headphones).Superb sound quality without wires or interference from other electronic equipmentPowered by classroom friendly internal NiMH battery Switchable between 4 frequencies


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