HamiltonBuhl 3D Virtual Reality Glasses for Smartphones

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HamiltonBuhl 3D Virtual Reality Glasses for Smartphones


3D Virtual Reality Video and Stills ViewerThe HamiltonBuhl 3D Virtual Reality Viewer is a fold-out cardboard headset that instantaneously transforms your smartphone into a complete 3D Viewer. Using lenses, magnet, hook-and-loop fastener and headband, this DIY Viewer allows for hands-free use. When combined with your smartphone and run the free app, you are transported into an exciting, engaging and interactive 3D virtual reality world! Images, sound and movement surround you “ your viewpoint adjusts as you move your head or body in any direction, making for a fully immersible experience!These 3D Virtual Reality Viewers are a fun, easy, economical way to take students on a narrated virtual field trip; explore settings of novels, global cityscapes; trek habitats of endangered species and inner workings of the human heart. Go inside virtual rocket engines or practice building satellites. The possibilities are limitless, and the impact of these affordable 3D Virtual Reality Viewers in the classroom are immense! Here are some benefits of using virtual reality as a teaching aid:Active, rather than passive, experienceImmersive experience means no distractionsImmediate engagement: useful in today's world of limited attention spans. Exploration and hands-on approach aids with learning and retentionHelps with understanding complex subjects, theories and conceptsSuited to all types of learning styles

For children of all ages!
Comfortable headstraps and foam cushion pads
High quality
45mm lenses
NFC patch (Near Field Communication patch)
Easy to assemble without knife or scissors
High quality trigger magnet
Assemble with 2-sided tape/Velcro
Supports mobile device sizes up to 4.96 x 2.87


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