HamiltonBuhl Digital Microscope for iPad

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HamiltonBuhl Digital Microscope for iPad


HamiltonBuhl High Resolution Digital MicroscopeDesigned for every level of science education from Elementary to University, the ISD-MAG3 is a high resolution, wireless, portable digital microscope that combines high end optics with innovative digital technology to enhance student learning experiences.

Simply download the free app for your iPhone or iPad from the Apple app store and easily view, zoom and save images and video to your device! The ISD-MAG3 lets you include the entire class by projecting the images under the microscope up to 100 feet via WiFi signal and magnifying them up to 500 times on a 20-inch screen!

Camera type:(1600x1200)
1/5 CMOSSensor: 2MVideo
quality:720P (1280x720)
Video format: Motion
JPEG Video frame rate:20 fps
Picture format:JPGPicture
Focal distance:0cm~ 3cm
Focusing: Manual
Magnification:500 times (max)
Standard:IEEE 802.11b/g/n standards compliant
Antenna:1T1R Mode
Transmit distance:230' (open sight)
Indicator LED: Power light / Charge light / Link light
Light source:4 White LED Lights
Rechargeable battery:Lithium / 1400mah
Power:DC 5V/2A (mini USB type)
Operating system:iOS 5.1 of higher

  • Works with iOS devices via WiFi
  • Free app downloaded from the Apple App Store
  • Works with Mac/Windows via US WiFi antenna built into the body of the instrument aids ease of use
  • Maximum magnification: 500x on 20" screen and 300x at 4cm from object
  • Built-in wireless access point supports up to 150 Mbps via fast wireless network
  • Supports 720P(HD) video quality Battery Life: around 2-3 hours
  • Transmission range over WiFi: up to 100'
  • Built-in 4 White LEDs with adjustable level
  • Capture and save images and video
  • Proportional scaling and picture comparison function within the App
  • Digital magnification up to 5x can be selected by hot key within the App Aspherical high-tech lens


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