LIBERTY Low Vision Black Talking Keychain Alarm Clock

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LIBERTY Low Vision Black Talking Keychain Alarm Clock


This talking key-chain, is the perfect on-the-go alarm clock key-chain for people who are blind or have low vision! Small enough to conveniently hang on your key-chain and fit comfortably in your pocket, but large enough to find beside your keys. Simply press the large button on the front of the talking key chain to hear the voice in a clear, female voice, or see the time in a LCD digital display. Although the talking key chain is small, the volume of the female voice is loud and easily able to be heard through your clothes! For your personal preference, choose the option of 12 hour or 24 hour time. The LIBERTY Low Vision Silver Talking Keychain Alarm Clock is perfect for on-the-go people who have trouble reading the time or easily loose track of time!

*NOTE* This talking key-chain alarm clock is in Power Saving Mode when you receive this product in order to preserve battery life. In order to use the clock when you receive it, TURN OFF Power Saving Mode by holding the "talking button" for 3 seconds.


The easy to set up alarm is the perfect feature to remind you of an appointment, medication intake, event, and more! Never forget your responsibilities again with the portable, convenient talking key chain alarm clock that follows you everywhere! The LIBERTY Low Vision Silver Talking Keychain Alarm Clock also provides the option to set up an hourly time announcement to verbally speak the time every hour, on the hour. The hourly time announcement is the perfect feature for on-the-go people who easily loose track of time!

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60mm x 38mm x 14mm
1/4 inch black numbers on LCD display.


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