Listen Personal FM Receiver (72mhz) (ear piece not included)

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Listen Personal FM Receiver (72mhz) (ear piece not included)


Listen's LR-400 Personal Display Receiver offers a unique Look & Listen Display -- Easily verify channel selection, whether or not channel is locked, battery level, and RF signal strength using the LR-400's LCD. Easy for you to maintain! For use with a Listen Personal FM System in 72MHz or 216MHz such as the Listen LT-700 Portable FM Transmitter or the Listen LT-800 Stationary FM Transmitter. Earpiece sold separately. Limited Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty. Features: Accesses and displays all 57 channels (unless you lock it on only one channel) Has channel up and down and SEEK buttons behind the door, limiting access to channel changing Is ideal when users do not need to change channels, or you do not want them to be able to change channels. SmartCharge -- Charging circuits conveniently built into Listen's receivers save money and hassle by eliminating the cost of external battery chargers and extending rechargeable battery life. Includes receiver only - earpiece is not included


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