Medium Deluxe Weekly Pill Planner with Case

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Medium Deluxe Weekly Pill Planner with Case


The Medium Deluxe Weekly Pill Planner with Case makes taking pills much easier by allowing you to organize and carry your medications by week.

The clear pocket to hold medication instructions will help fill cases with the right dosage and instruct you on when to take your pills. Moreover, the see through design of each compartment permits you to see the pills in each compartment without opening, making refills much more efficient. Most importantly, this pill planner provides the convenience of taking just one day with you. Each daily box can be removed and carried in a purse or pocket, helping you make taking your medications as easy as possible.The Medium Deluxe Weekly Pill Planner with Case is clearly an essential pill organizer for those looking to maximize on efficiency and ease when taking medications, without missing a pill.



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