NuVois III

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NuVois III


The NuVois III Digital is an electro-larynge digital speech aid with state-of-the-art electronics. Digital frequency. A programmable electronic circuit allows for full digital control of all functions. The unit features volume and tone/pitch buttons for easy adjustability, allowing the user to add inflection to their speaking voice for emphasis and a more natural sounding voice. There are also dual on/off control buttons that can be set independently of one another for two separate speaking volumes; one low for more intimate situations, and one high for situations with more background noise. Simply move from one button to the other. Weighing only 4.5oz with batteries, the NuVois III is easily carried. This model uses less current draw for longer lasting batteries. Five year warranty. Includes: NuVois III Digital speech aid Two rechargeable 9V NiMH batteries Battery charger Oral adapter and tubes Use and Care guide


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