OmniBlue Ocean Minerals - Liquid Magnesium Minerals Dietary Supplement - 8 Ounce Bottle

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OmniBlue Ocean Minerals - Liquid Magnesium Minerals Dietary Supplement - 8 Ounce Bottle

Magnesium Is Critical In A Diet To Maintain A Healthy Life!

Magnesium Health Benefits:
  • Supports normal muscle functions
  • Perseveres nerve functions
  • Keeps heart rhythm steady
  • Keeps immune system healthy
  • Strengthens bones
  • Regulate blood sugar levels
  • Promotes normal blood pressure
  • Activates energy metabolism
  • Helps with protein synthesis
What is Blue Ocean Minerals?
  • Highest capability and pharmaceutical grade natural magnesium
  • Integral structure and natural proportions
  • Naturally balanced with other minerals and trace elements
  • 459 mg of natural magnesium per teaspoon
  • 100% pure and natural concentrated ocean minerals only
How can Blue Ocean Minerals Help You?
  • Blue Ocean's minerals work together with your body
  • What it does is it balances your minerals in your body, upond consumption
  • When balancing your minerals you gain all the health benefits
How To Take Blue Ocean Minerals:
  • Minerals are food, take as often as you would eat
  • Blue Ocean is highly concentrated, it is important to dilute your minerals
  • Take a couple times per day, spreading out your natural dose

Start Balancing Your Minerals And Maintain A Healthy Life Today!

100 percent ocean water — from the pristine waters of Australia's Great Barrier Reef — is effectively a mirror image of the mineral chemistry of the human body, therefore VitaBLUE Ocean Minerals are naturally absorbable and perfectly assimilated. Very few supplements are truly digestible by definition of the product itself.


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