PerfectClean Electric Hearing Aid Dryer and Cleaner

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PerfectClean Electric Hearing Aid Dryer and Cleaner


PerfectClean is specially developed for safe and effective earwax removal, cleaning and drying of all types of hearing aids and hearing systems.

Simply set your hearing instrument in the PerfectClean and 1h later, they will be completely cleaned, disinfected and dried.

PerfectClean® works with a refill (about 45 cylces): antibacterial solution that disinfects and removes ear wax.

  • System designed specifically for safe removal of cerumen, cleaning and drying of RITE/RICs; may be used to remove moisture from any custom or non-custom hearing instrument model (CIC, BTE, ITE, RITE/RIC, CCA)
  • One touch operation with 90-minute cycle (20 minute cleaning cycle, followed by 65 minute drying cycle, ending with 5 minute UV-C cycle)
  • Automatic shut off after 90 minutes or when lid opened during cycle
  • When blue indicator light is on, indicates unit is is standby mode; when flashing slowly, the unit is running a cycle
  • Cleaning solution automatically removes cerumen and microbial growth from RITE/RIC domes
  • Forced hot air fan drying system removes moisture from hearing instruments
  • UV-C light disinfect hearing instrument surfaces
  • 2 year warranty

Purchase Includes:

  • PerfectClean Dryer and Cleaner
  • AC Power Adapter
  • PerfectClean Solution Cartridge (Lasts approximately 45 cycles)
  • User Guide
  • 2 Year warranty


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