ProEZ 2 Ultrasonic Cleaner - 1 gallon

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ProEZ 2 Ultrasonic Cleaner - 1 gallon



The ProEZ 2 Ultrasonic Cleaner is a low foaming dual enzymatic detergent for cleaning medical and dental instruments. It is particularly useful for cleaning flexible endoscopes and delicate instruments with complex surfaces, including serrations, box locks, and channels.


  • Protease and amylase enzymes work together to quickly dissolve blood protein and starch soils in as little as one minute.
  • Provides effective cleaning on complex instrument surfaces including channels, box locks, and serrations.
  • Low foam formula may be used in manual, ultrasonic, and automated washer systems.
  • Economical formulation for sticky retentive soils associated with endoscopy and complex surgery.
  • Pre-soak to prevent soils from drying on instruments.
  • Soak and flush all types of submersible endoscopes.
  • Hard or untreated water can inhibit the cleaning effectiveness of detergents.
  • Many competitive enzyme detergents claim dual or multienzyme formulas but in fact only target protein soils.
  • The unique system disperses active agents to “capture” minerals that interfere with cleaning action. This system reduces spotting and provides free rinsing.


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