Reizen Loud Ear Personal Sound Amplifier - 120dB Gain

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Reizen Loud Ear Personal Sound Amplifier - 120dB Gain


The Reizen Loud Ear personal sound amplifier is an inexpensive, reliable hearing device with easy to use volume controls. Many people cannot afford an expensive hearing aid and their hearing loss has a negative effect on their communication ability with family and friends. Using a single mini ear bud, you will receive clear and loud sound through the built-in microphone.

Ideal Usage:

  • People who have difficulty with everyday conversations
  • Hearing in crowded settings
  • Watching TV
  • While in the car or any other daily instances where hearing is compromised

  • 1 Reizen Loud Ear Amplifier
  • 1 Single Earphone
  • 2 AAA Batteries
  • Users Guide
  • 90 day manufacturer warranty


  • 120dB of amplification
  • Built in microphone for clear and loud sound
  • Microphone picks up sounds from up to 100 feet away.
  • Includes single mini earphone
  • Audio reach of up to 100 feet away
  • 2 AAA batteries

Dimensions: 2.5" H x 1.75" L x 0.75" W
Frequency: 20Hz - 20KHz
Batteries: Operates 2 AAA Batteries (Included)
Battery Life: 48 hours
Warranty: 90 day manufacturer warranty


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