Signature Series Doorbell Transmitter

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Signature Series Doorbell Transmitter


The 418MHz Signature Series™ uses radio frequency technology, allowing you freedom and flexibility with outstanding features and increased range of up to 2,000 feet. Quickly know when you have visitors, telephone calls or emergencies with the bright flashing strobe and distinctive LEDs.

For homes with existing doorbells, connect this Doorbell Transmitter to know when someone is at the door. It will transmit to a Signature Series receiver that will alert you by flashing strobe light or vibration when someone rings the doorbell.

The model with only the Doorbell Transmitter is hard wired.


  • Range up to 2,000 feet
  • Low battery indicator
  • No doorbell button included

What else do I need to make this work?

This product will only work with 418MHz products in the Silent Call Signature Series. In order to be notified, you will need to purchase a Silent Call Signature Series Receiver (see Related Products box).


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