Silent Call Fire Alarm Transmitter Voltage Input/No Battery

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Silent Call Fire Alarm Transmitter Voltage Input/No Battery


This fire alarm transmitter is wired into a home or building's fire alarm system so that when the fire alarm system is activated, the transmitter will signal any 318MHz Silent Call receiver. When the transmitter is activated, it sends a coded wireless signal to all Silent Call Receivers.

You may use as many receivers as necessary with one Fire Alarm Transmitter so long as the receivers are not right next to each other. Transmittal has been tested at a range of up to 100 feet. Certain elements, such as metal objects, can interfere and shorten the range.

Fire Alarm Transmitter Installation

This transmitter should be installed by a licensed electrician. The two wires extending from the transmitter must be attached to a 12-24 volts power supply, which in turn is hooked into the fire alarm system.

It is recommended that the transmitter be installed within a 75 foot radius of the receiver. This distance can be more or less depending upon the environment, ie: metal; wire panels, fire doors etc. that could cause a reduction in the transmittal distance. Do not install the transmitter on or in a metal fire panel. Dipswitches on the back of the unit can be changed if there are multiple systems used in the same area to avoid interference with each other.

Fire Alarm Transmitter Maintenance

The transmitter and system should be tested at least once per month. The 2 AAA batteries in the battery-powered fire alarm transmitter should be changed every six months.


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