Six-Word Memoirs Parent Kit - 2 Workbooks with Parent / Teacher Guide

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Six-Word Memoirs Parent Kit - 2 Workbooks with Parent / Teacher Guide


Have you ever had a collection of something? A group of things that have real meaning and value? And each part of the collection has its own special story, together making up something great? A memoir is something like that, except the objects aren't objects at all, they are memories.Six-Word Memoirs Parent Kit- Includes Two Six Words For School Student Workbooks- Level 2- One Parent/ Teacher Workbook.Using Celebrity six word memoirs from Taylor Swift, Steven Colbert and more, Students are guided through a series of written exercises that will allow them to express themselves clearly and concisely. Writing thoughts and feelings associated with memoirs, developing a personal writing style, creating photo and graphic representations are all part of this exciting workbook. Activities culminate with the student defining who they are in six words and sharing it with the world on a secure teacher controlled website.Each personal workbook contains 24 pages for your student to discover the world in six words. Recommended for ages 8 and up.



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