Smart Caregiver - Wireless Alert System With Bed Pad - 433BR1-SYS

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Smart Caregiver - Wireless Alert System With Bed Pad - 433BR1-SYS


Model: 433-EC Economy Cordless Fall Monitor

The Economy CordLess Fall Prevention Alarm provides affordable and effective cord-free wireless monitoring with a range up to 300 ft. Ideal for home or small facility use.

The Economy CordLess Exit Alarm is simple-to-use and works with all 433 CordLess Sensor Pads & Mats, Nurse Call Buttons, and Motion Sensors. Monitor is light-weight and can be paired with up to six (6) wireless components to serve as a portable caregiver alert.

Monitor can be mounted away from the bed, removing in-room alarm noise and reducing entanglements and tripping hazards. Adjustable volume and gentle chime alert won't startle residents and offers QUIETER fall prevention.

Model: GBT-RI (10"x30" CordLess bed pad) - with 1 Year Warranty

Remove room noise - No Cords, No Noise

When using a Wireless CordLess Bed Alarm Sensor Pad with a Wireless CordLess Monitor you are able to remove the alarm noise from the room creating a quiet in room environment for the resident. Bed alarm pad is placed under resident on the bed. When resident gets up from pad, a wireless signal is sent to the monitor setting off the bed alarm to alert caregiver . A quiet solution for bed alarms for seniors. No Cords!, No Noise in their rooms!


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