Sonic Alert TR75VR Videophone Signaler

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Sonic Alert TR75VR Videophone Signaler


The TR75VR has been designed to alert you to your videophone with a choice of three distinct flash patterns. This allows you to specify a unique flash pattern for your telephone, TTY, fax or videophone with just one device! If you currently use a Sonic Alert telephone signaler, adding the TR75VR allows you to select a flash pattern that is different from your existing signaler. Five year warranty. Features:Transmits to all Sonic Alert remote receivers Three distinct flash patterns Plug a lamp into the signaler and use it for signaling or normal room lighting Green indicator light reminds you to turn on the attached lamp Unique pluglet (plug-outlet) allows you to keep your table clear of unsightly lamp cords UL listed What else do I need to make this work? In order to be notified, you will need to purchase a receiver that lets you know when the signaler or transmitter is activated. Click below to view video of clock features. [Click for user manual]


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