Stander Recliner Risers - (set of 4)

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Stander Recliner Risers - (set of 4)



When a person stands from the typical recliner, it tilts forward, dropping the arms and seat of an already low chair by 3-4 inches. Simply raising the chair 5 or 6 inches, necessary for independent standing, makes it dangerously unstable. Stander has developed a safe and easy solution! When Recliner Risers are installed, they raise a chair 1 ¾ inches and limit the forward tilt allowing an additional 3-4 inches of lift. The 4-6 total inches of extra support gives a weakened person a biomechanical advantage and enables them to stand on their own. Recliner Risers attach quickly and easily to the wooden base of your favorite recliner. Our patented design raises your effective seat height 4-6 inches while only raising your chair 1 ¾ inches. Each box contains four Recliner Risers, two Rocker Limiters, 16 screws, Velcro, and instruction manual.

Warranty Information

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Manufacturer: Stander


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