VibraLITE MINI Vibrating Children Size Watch - Black/Orange

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VibraLITE MINI Vibrating Children Size Watch - Black/Orange


VibraLite MINI Model | VM-VOR - Black/Orange w/ Hook & Loop Strap
VibraLite MINI Dimensions | 5 1/2" x 7 1/5" (14cm-18cm)
Display Dimensions | 4.8mmH X 3mmW
Battery | CR1632
Water Resistant | Up to 50M
Wearing Weight | .9oz

The VibraLite MINI Series Watches are high quality kids size watches that vibrate and are extremely easy to use.
With up to 12 daily alarm settings, you can set multiple alarms for one day and not be burdened by setting each alarm separately throughout the day.

An excellent alternative to using an alarm clock when waking up for school every morning! The VibraLite MINI gently vibrates kids awake without disturbing their brother, sister or anyone else when it is time for school.

Click Here to view VibraLite MINI Users Manual

SET UP TO 12 DIFFERENT DAILY ALARMS so you can go on with your day and not have to worry about whether your alarm is active!

OPTIONAL LOCK OUT FEATURE prevents children or elderly from tampering with the preset alarms and countdown time.

RECEIVE USER FRIENDLY TEXT PROMPTS on the display make setting and confirmation of settings easy. Easy to read digits on display.

1 - VibraLITE MINI Vibrating Children Size Watch Black/Orange w/ Hook & Loop Strap Users Guide 1 year manufacturer warranty

Click to see how VibraLite can help people with the following conditions:

VibraLite for ADD and ADHD
VibraLite for Writing Tests
VibraLite for Potty Training
VibraLite for Bed Wetting
VibraLite for Time Management
VibraLite for Behavior Modification
VibraLite for Boating
VibraLite for Diabetes
VibraLite for Hypoglycemia
VibraLite for Incontinence
VibraLite for Meditation
VibraLite for Memory Loss
VibraLite for Narcolepsy
VibraLite for Noisy Environments
VibraLite for Soccer Referee
VibraLite for Traveling
VibraLite for Weight Control

VibraLite for Back Pain


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