Vibrating Wireless Personal Pager System SG6969

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Vibrating Wireless Personal Pager System SG6969


The Vibrating Wireless Personal Pager from LIBERTY Health Supply is a simple to use personal pager for those with either vision or hearing needs. The personal pager system allows the user to summon attention or help with the simple push of a button. This two component system utilizes a small button on a lanyard and a receiver box with belt clip. The user in need of help pushes the button and the pager either vibrates or sounds a chime (depending on which setting is used) to notify the wearer/caretaker that assistance is needed. The vibrate or chime settings allow accommodation for low vision, hard of hearing users, or even noisy noisy environments. Voiceless paging by pushing a button provides a simple solution for users with difficulty speaking while eliminating yelling from room to room or acting as an interoffice paging system.

The Vibrating Wireless Pager has a range of up to 100 feet within a home, office, or even outdoors with no installation necessary. 90 day manufacturerÂ’s limited warranty. Battery operated. Button transmitter requires 12 volt battery (included.) Pager/receiver uses 2 AA batteries (not included.)

  • 1 Vibrating Wireless Personal Pager
  • 1 Button Receiver
  • 1 12 volt battery
  • 90-day limited manufacturer's warranty


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