3 Pair Putty Buddies WaterBlock Swimming Ear Plugs

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3 Pair Putty Buddies WaterBlock Swimming Ear Plugs
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BEST SELLING Swimming Ear Plugs! Guaranteed to keep the water out of your child's ear! (Colors of swim plugs may vary from colors pictured)

Why does your child need swimming ear plugs?
Especially while just beginning to learn how to swim, many children struggle with getting water stuck in their ear canal. If your child has ear tubes, these swimming ear plugs are even more vital! Though usually harmless, water in a child's ear can be very irritating, temporarily disrupt their hearing, or even cause swimmer's ear. Swimmer's ear is very common; there around about 200,000 to 3 million US cases per year!

In order to prevent water from entering your child's ear canal, encourage your child to wear Putty Buddies WaterBlock Swimming Ear Plugs!

The Unique Design
Putty Buddies WaterBlock Swimming Ear Plugs was designed to keep water out children's ear while swimming or showering. Through the the soft, flexible design, these ear plugs will comfortably and uniquely fit in your child's ear.

The putty, tacky texture of soft silicone allows these ear plugs to easily mold to your child's ear while still being able to maintain its form and position!

Through the bright colored and float-able design of Putty Buddies WaterBlock Swimming Ear Plugs, you will be able to easily find these ear plugs wherever you are!

  • 3 pair of floatable ear plugs
  • Pocket Sized Carrying Case w/ 5 Stickers


Due to hygiene reasons this product cannot be returned if opened and/or worn, and is not eligible for refund. Please refer to our Return Policy for complete details.


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