Acoustic Sheep Wireless SleepPhones

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Acoustic Sheep Wireless SleepPhones


Have you have ever tried to listen to music, nature sounds, or audio books while trying to relax before bed? Then you know how uncomfortable earbuds and headphones can be. Even if you use a radio, you then disturb others from getting a good nights sleep.

The SleepPhone is a headband made from a lightweight fabric that has wireless built in speakers that allow for a comfortable listening experience. No more tossing and turning to find the right position. Just simple connect to your device via bluetooth and enjoy your nice relaxing nap, great nights sleep, or 10 minute break from the everyday stress that we all experience. SleepPhones have helped hundreds of thousands with insomnia, tinnitus, and noisy bed mates to make sleeping more beneficial and comfortable.

  • Acoustic Sheep Wireless SleepPhones

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