Doc's ProPlugs Swimming Fitting Set

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Doc's ProPlugs Swimming Fitting Set


The Doc's Pro Plugs Fitting Set includes one pair of each size, one side vented the other non-vented so that the clinician can try each size to determine the correct fit. We recommend that you wipe with alcohol between fittings.

Doc's ProPlugs are the #1 Selling Swim Plugs on the Market. Doc's Proplugs are designed to be non-invasive, inexpensive, and long lasting. They are easily self-fitted and are ready to wear.  Proper usage will help keep you in the water. In addition to being latex free, and completely reuseable, the Proplugs will become even more flexible when warmed by the temperature of your ear and have memory properties to form fit to each individual's ear auricle. 95% of Doctors and ENTs recommend using Doc's Proplugs for bathing, swimming and extreme water sports. 

With consistent use, they help prevent future ear problems such as:

  • Swimmer's Ear (infection) 
  • Surfer's Ear (bony growth) 
  • Water-skier's Ear (ruptured eardrum) 
  • Musician's Ear (high-frequency hearing loss)


Material- Doc's ProPlugs are made of soft hypo-allergenic material which provides long lasting comfort without irritation.
Design- Doc's patented design provides a watertight seal that is necessary for swimming and bathing.
Cost- Doc's ProPlugs are where quality and price meet to maximize your money.
Customer Feedback - Millions of customers can't go wrong.
Variety - Various sizes are available which allows you to choose the perfect size for a perfect fit.

Find Your Size

View Doc's ProPlugs Sizing Chart

FIND YOUR SIZE - Print out the sizing chart on a 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper and follow the instructions to determine what size of ProPlugs will work best for you.


Due to hygiene reasons this product cannot be returned if opened and/or worn, and is not eligible for refund. Please refer to our Return Policy for complete details.


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