Dry & Store Dry Caddy Hearing Aid Dryer

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Dry & Store Dry Caddy Hearing Aid Dryer


The Dry & Store Dry Caddy Hearing Aid Dryer will quickly and effectively clean your hearing aid and will greatly prolong it's lifetime. It uses a molecular sieve desiccant, the most powerful, most aggressive, and most effective desiccant on the market.

Dry Caddy is ideal for times when it's not convenient or practical to use an electronic Dry & Store system. Since it requires no electricity, take Dry Caddy to the pool or beach, even camping or short trips -- the waterproof jar offers protection from the elements while refreshing hearing devices.

The desiccant comes with six specially designed Dry-Disc molecular sieve desiccants. Use a fresh Dry-Disc every two months for maximum drying performance, then simply order a new Dry Caddy kit after all the Dry-Discs have been used!

Molecular sieve desiccant
Compared to other common desiccants such as silica gel, a molecular sieve desiccant is best at removing even the most tightly bound moisture from the tiny crevices, pores, openings, and tubes of hearing devices as well as other moisture-sensitive devices. Once the moisture has been pulled from the device to the molecular sieve, the molecular sieve continues to aggressively hold onto the moisture with very strong electrostatic bonding forces.

Adsorption is the binding of molecules or particles to a surface. You may see charts comparing adsorption capacities of various desiccant types, showing silica gel having a slightly greater surface area. However, the difference in surface area is very slight. Both desiccant types have a huge amount of surface area on their crystalline structures. Second, adsorption capacity is affected more by humidity. The molecular sieve has greater capacity than silica gels at relative humidity levels below 40%, which is the typical condition inside a drying device, whether passive or active. Third, the most important factor is how quickly the water molecule is attracted to the desiccant and how well molecules "stick" to the surface. Think of silica gel as a sticky note and molecular sieve as duct tape.

  • 1 - Dry Caddy Dehumidifier
  • 6 - Dry Discs


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