EZ Adjust Bed Rail

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EZ Adjust Bed Rail


Get in and out of bed with greater ease and rest more safely with this multi-function rail.

Use the Adjustable Bed Rail as a sturdy support to assist in getting in and out of bed or to keep the patient safely in place as they sleep.
The Bed Rail easily folds down and out of the way, to allow the user unimpeded access.

The adjustable bed rail is a necessity for users that need assistance with mobility, or for users suffering from a loss of balance, recovering from surgery, and much, much more.

  • Adjustable length allows for use as both a bed rail to prevent falling out of bed or as a hand rail to assist in getting out of bed
  • Bed rail easily adjusts from 26 to 34 to 42 after it has been placed on the bed
  • Rail folds down to side of bed to allow user to get out of bed or provide space for making bed
  • Can be placed on either side of the bed. Easy Assembly- Click on image to see our assembly instruction video!
  • Attaches to most home or hospital beds with included safety strap
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