HamiltonBuhl Universal Induction Wireless Speaker for Tablets

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HamiltonBuhl Universal Induction Wireless Speaker for Tablets


Hamilton's IND-DOCK3 Induction Speaker Looking for a portable speaker that doesn't require wires, wifi, configuration or pairing? Then you are looking for HamiltonBuhl's Induction Speaker! Simply place your tablet on the dock and you are done! It really is that simple.The Induction Speaker is ideal for sharing music on the go without any wires, connecting, mains plugs or docking. Dock your tablet on the speaker and by using the latest in induction technology you will receive a crystal clear sound emitting from the device. Even if you have a case or cover, you can still enjoy clear music on the go at a surprising volume. So simple to use even your grandparents won't get confused.

(1) Boom Stand Speaker
(1) USB cable
(1) AUX Audio Cable
User manual
Warranty: 1 Year

Material: ABS, Rubber, Paint
Input Power: DC-5V
Battery: 850aM Lithium-ion
Charge Time 6 Hours
Play Time 10 Hours
Technology: EM Induction Audio System (EIS)
Speaker: Double magnetic stereo speaker
Output Power: 3W x 2 SNR: 85dB
Frequency: 20Hz-20KHz
Max volume: >92db
Distortion: <5%
Sensitivity: 40mv
Dimension: 10" W X 4.15" D X 4" H
Gross Weight: 1 lb
Working Humidity: 10% ~ 50%


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