Lifesaver Carbon Monoxide Detector w/strobe

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Lifesaver Carbon Monoxide Detector w/strobe


Life-threatening carbon monoxide is produced when the appliances you use everyday malfunction or work inefficiently. The furnace, hot water heater, gas range, space heater and fireplace can all produce the deadly gas if not working properly. Using a carbon monoxide detector is a way to detect the gas before it reaches dangerous conditions. The Lifesaver Carbon Monoxide Detector meets or exceeds the Underwriter Laboratories standards for carbon monoxide detectors. Both the detector and strobe light are hard-wired and need to be installed by a qualified electrician. Five year warranty.

Features of Carbon Monoxide Detector:

  • Test/Reset button Red alarm light Green power-on light
  • Sensor lasts up to 10 years and monitors carbon monoxide levels every 2.5 minutes
  • Loud, piercing 85dB alarm
  • Contemporary design and white housing
  • No batteries required; 120V AC wire-in Alkaline battery back-up for continuous protection in case of power failure

Features of Strobe:
  • 120V AC3 wire interconnect Bright 177 candela light 1 HZ flash rate (60 flashes per minute)
  • Multi-station capability; up to 24 devices
  • Warning: This visual signaling device has no detection means and must be used in conjunction with operating alarms.
  • Disconnection or loss of AC power will render this signaling device inoperative.
  • Strobe will not flash in the event of a power failure.


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