Mini Dri-Aid Hearing Aid Dehumidifier by Hal-Hen

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Mini Dri-Aid Hearing Aid Dehumidifier by Hal-Hen


Hearing aid dehumidifier jar for removing moisture from hearing instruments

  • Portable plastic jar with srew on lid measures approximately 2 1/4" H and 2 1/4" wide
  • Depth of jar space with metal desiccant can and foam cover 1" deep and can accommodate up to two custom or mini BTE hearing instruments
  • Mini Dry-Aid metal desiccant can can only be reactivated in the oven (DO NOT place in microwave)
  • Direction for use and desiccant reactivation conveniently printed on jar
  • When desiccant particles seen in the window of the metal can turn pink, it is time to rejuvenate the dessicant (See User Manual below for instructions)

  • Mini Super Dri Aid Dehumidifier
  • Pack of Desiccant Pellets


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