Westone DefendEar LITE Custom Ear Plugs from Liberty Health Supply

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Westone DefendEar LITE Custom Ear Plugs from Liberty Health Supply

Due to COVID-19, the lead times to create your custom earplugs have been extended to 4-6 weeks. We thank you for your understanding and patience. 


The Westone DefendEar LITE Custom Ear Plugs provide 21 dB of ambient noise reduction while allowing face-to-face speech communication and situational awareness in most light to medium noise situations. It is important to protect your eardrums because individuals who are frequently exposed to loud noise have a high chance of losing hearing later in life. Protection is recommended for exposure of over 85 dB and over 105 dB requires double protection. Don't wear out your ears -- order the Westone DefendEar LITE Custom Ear Plugs today!

Suggested Uses: Industry, Construction, Motorsports, Aircraft, Music, Marksmanship, Travel and Personal Use.

Material: Silicone OtoBlast
Colors: All Silicone OtoBlast Colors

Ear impressions are required for all custom products. To ensure maximum comfort and fit, we strongly recommend having your ear impressions conducted professionally by a local Audiologist. After you have submitted your order, you will be provided with a list of Audiologist's and impression technician's in your local area to have you ear impressions conducted professionally (fees apply), as well as free self-impression kit with step-by-step instructions should you choose to conduct your impressions at home. A $50 cancellation fee will apply to all orders cancelled after the self-impression kit and list of local audiologist's has been shipped. No exceptions apply. LIBERTY Health Supply always offers FREE SHIPPING and a 30 day return/exchange policy. Buy NOW at a great discounted price!


  • 1 pair of Silicone DefendEar Lite Custom-Fit Ear Plugs
  • A Pocket Sized Carrying Case
  • Users Guide
  • Optional Detachable Cord ($5.00 extra)
  • 90 Day fit, 1 year manufacturers warranty

Warranty Information

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty, 90 Day Fit Guarantee

Manufacturer: Westone



These custom made earplugs are designed specifically for you and cannot be returned for a refund. 


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