Westone UM56 Custom Fit Headphone Adapters - 1 Pair

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Westone UM56 Custom Fit Headphone Adapters - 1 Pair


CUSTOM LISTENING ON THE GO!! While universal-fit eartips can provide a good fit for just about anyone, you can improve the comfort and fit of universal monitors with a pair of Westone UM56 Custom-Fit Eartips. Comparable in size to the eartips provided with most universal-fit musiciansÂ’ monitors, but ensure the comfort and seal that only a custom-fit product can provide.A custom placed bore is inserted through the canal of each adapter to filter the sound directly into your ear canal to ensure you hear every note played with clarity and precision. Listening to your favorite song will never be the same again!! Made of Silicone. Available in a variety of colors. 90 day fit. 1 year manufacturer warranty. Ear impressions are required to order all Custom products. Available in silicone or vinyl material. Ear impressions are required for all custom products. A free Self-Impression Kit with step-by-step instructions is included with your purchase so you can take your own ear impression (optional). If you are uncomfortable with or do not wish to a self-impression, we strongly encourage you to take the self-impression kit to your local audiologist or hear aid dispenser. A list of your areas local impression technicians will be provided for you at time of purchase.

1 pair LIBERTY UM56 Custom-Fit Eartip Adapters Pocket Sized Storage Pouch. Users Guide 90 day fit, 1 year manufacturer warranty

Made of soft silicone Available in a variety of colors Intended for stem type generic monitors such as the Westone Series or UM Series or SHURE E, SE, or SCL series. Compatible with Bluetooth and cell phone devices (call (800) 991-6207 for more details)


Warranty Information

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty, 90 Day Fit Guarantee

Manufacturer: Westone



These custom made earplugs are designed specifically for you and cannot be returned for a refund. 


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