LIBERTY Low Vision Square Economical Talking Watch

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LIBERTY Low Vision Square Economical Talking Watch


Why is this watch PERFECT for you?

The Square Economical Talking Watch is the perfect watch for people who are hard of hearing or have low vision. This watch is practical, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing. This high quality fashion watch is eye-pleasing due to its a sporty black wristband, large speaker, LCD display of time, and 4 easy to use buttons to adjust the watch's capabilities.


The Square Economical Talking Watch key feature is its clear, female voice that tells the current time through its upwards facing speaker by a simple push of the talking button on the side of the watch. This watch also has an option to hourly update you on the time. This feature is ideal for people who are busy and easily loose track of time.

The snooze option will repeat every 5 minutes, up to three times if you choose not to turn off the alarm. The alarm feature is perfect for many occasions from waking up in the morning to needing to be reminded to appointments. The L
IBERTY Low Vision Square Economical Talking Watch also features the option of 3 different alarm sounds: Beep, Cuckoo, or Crow for your personal preference! This watch also offers the ability visually see the watch in bright LCD.

More Information

Click HERE for more information on how talking watches are useful!

LIBERTY Health Supply offers a 30 day return/exchange policy. Buy NOW at a great discounted price!

Battery Type | 1 CR2025 Lithium
Warranty | 90 day manufacturer
Buttons | Minutes, Talking, Mode, and Hour
Time Formats | 12 Hour and 24 Hour

  • One Talking Watch
  • One CR2025 Lithium battery
  • Owner's Manual
  • 90 Day manufacturer warranty


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