LIBERTY Low Vision Talking Atomic Watch with Leather Band

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LIBERTY Low Vision Talking Atomic Watch with Leather Band



What is an Atomic Talking Watch and How Does It Work?

An atomic talking watch is simply a watch with its own brain! The Talking Atomic Watch is able to automatically adjust itself to standard and daylight savings time without your help.

The LIBERTY Low Vision Talking Atomic Watch with Leather Band can be manually adjusted to Pacific, Mountain, Central, and Eastern time zones. Then, the atomic talking watch will automatically communicate with the atomic time signals from a nearby atomic signal tower and adjust itself for daylight savings, if needed, at 3 a.m.


This timeless, classic atomic talking watch is a multipurpose watch perfect for those who have low vision or who are blind. Equipped with the latest atomic technology, at the push of a button the watch clearly announces the time, whether its morning or night, date, day of the week, month, and year in a clear male (not British) voice. This atomic talking watch also has an alarm with an nice wake-up chime that can be easily set and easily stopped at a push of a button. In addition, this atomic talking watch also features the ability to announce the time every hour, perfect for those who easily loose track of time!

Not only is this multi-purpose practical, but is also very fashionable. With its classic white, big face and large, black letters someone with low vision would be able to tell the time very easily. The silver brushed color around the border of the face creates a very polished and neat look. In addition, the black leather wristband adds a formal touch to the overall look, making this atomic talking watch perfect for any occasion whether its formal or casual!

Make your life more simple today by buying the LIBERTY Low Vision Talking Atomic Watch with Leather Band! You will never have to adjust the time on your watch again!

LIBERTY Health Supply offers a 30 day return/exchange policy. Buy NOW at a great discounted price!

  • 1 Talking Atomic Watch with Leather Band
  • Users Guide
  • 6 month manufacturer warranty

Model: 3954 - Talking Atomic Watch with Leather Band
Watch Band: Leather Band
Warranty: 6 Month Manufacturer Warranty


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